Chicago: Breakthrough

Breakthrough, founded in 1992, has a hyper-local focus within the East Garfield Park Community on Chicago’s West Side. It partners with people affected by poverty and helps them to build connections, develop skills and open doors of opportunity.

One of the ways Breakthrough partners with residents is through behavioral health services. In its fiscal year 2020, Breakthrough served 344 individuals with behavioral health services, including 114 people in the Transitional Housing program and 230 in the Daytime Support Centers.

In the Transitional Housing program, 100% of participants reported therapy helped them make better choices and 82% reported an increased awareness of the relationship between trauma, choices and behavior.

Breakthrough provides a comprehensive and integrated approach to healthcare involving medical, mental health, behavioral and den- tal care. It provides access to healthcare for a vulnerable population, while improving health literacy, decreasing care fragmentation and addressing behavioral and social determinants of health.

The organization operates two transitional housing shelters which house 30 men and 30 women who complete a program designed for a rapid-rehousing within 120 days.

Donate Now:

$1,000: Provides two weeks of behavioral health needs assessments and care coordination at one of Breakthrough’s shelter facilities

$10,000: Provides 10 weeks of behavioral health needs assessments and care coordination at both of Breakthrough’s shelter facilities and provides training for 7 staff to meet the heightened mental health needs of participants

Contact: Breakthrough, 402 N St Louis Ave., Chicago; 773.722.1144;

By the Numbers: Breakthrough

  • Served 344 individuals with Behavioral Health services last year, including 114 individuals in the Transitional Housing program.
  • 100% of Transitional Housing program participants last year reported that therapy helped them make better choices.

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