The Philanthropy Awards — our keystone program — is an annual competition to identify, elevate, and amplify the most effective nonprofits making a difference. 

We use the following criteria to evaluate your organization:

  • Effectiveness: measured by the number of people served and lives made better, program outcomes, development of self-sufficiency and breaking the cycle of dependency;
  • Efficiency: emphasized by collaboration and cost effectiveness;
  • Leadership: focusing on full board participation, diversity, fulfillment of mission statement, using calculated risks to overcome challenges and improve outcomes;
  • Scalability: prioritizing the ability to increase funds independent of government funding proportionate to increased programs and services, with the potential to replicate in another regional area;
  • Excellence: committing to best possible services delivered with integrity and transparency.

Our Academy Of Judges, comprised of a vibrant community of esteemed venture philanthropists, past winners, sponsors and thought leaders, select winners in Chicago and the SF Bay area.

Our Media Partners showcase and celebrate the winners at red carpet gala events.

Sponsors provide important cash and in-kind award components.

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 Current and Past Philanthropy Awards Winners

We offer our sincerest congratulations to the inspirational and innovative winners on this list, and to the dedicated employees and volunteers who are integral to the impactful work done by each of these nonprofits. Click on each winner’s name below to learn more about the organization and watch their video.