Philanthropy Awards applications are accepted here year round.

We established our annual Philanthropy Awards to connect and help our audience amplify their philanthropic efforts.

Our Academy of Judges — philanthropists, sponsors, thought leaders, and past winners — choose winners from applications according to the following criteria:

Effectiveness: measured by the number of people served and lives made better, program outcomes, development of self-sufficiency and breaking the cycle of dependency;

Efficiency: emphasized by collaboration and cost effectiveness;

Leadership: focusing on full board participation, diversity, fulfillment of mission statement, using calculated risks to overcome challenges and improve outcomes;

Scalability: prioritizing the ability to increase funds independent of government funding proportionate to increased programs and services, with the potential to replicate in another regional area;

Excellence: committing to best possible services delivered with integrity and transparency.


Prizes include the highest quality fundraising and friend-raising tools:

  • Professionally produced TV quality videos
  • Significant coverage in Make It Better magazine – print and online
  • Oscar-style celebration party
  • Networking opportunities
  • Training in best digital and other marketing practices

Apply here. All categories welcome. Applications will automatically be considered for the next round of Philanthropy Awards and posted in the Better List for broader exposure.